School Curriculum

From 2016 and beyond, Heretaunga College will continue to offer a range of exciting and creative contextualised courses across the senior school.  These courses are designed to be authentic learning opportunities and to allow for greater student engagement. Students in 2017 will have the opportunity to choose seven courses in a programme of learning, with each course having a link to a vocational pathway. Students will take one less course than previously offered due to our new focus on providing intensive academic and pastoral mentoring support to our year 11, 12 and 13 students.  This compulsory mentoring programme (over four hours per week) will be designed to meet the needs of students at each of the year levels, and it is intended that all students will be closely mentored for academic success by a Kaiarahi (mentor).

Heretaunga College curriculum offers the same curriculum structure as most New Zealand secondary schools. Students study a wide range of subjects in their junior years with increasing opportunity for specialisation as they move up through the year levels.

In year 9 and 10 the New Zealand Curriculum Framework places requirements on schools to offer certain subjects. This limits the choices that schools can offer students and means there are more compulsory subjects. 

As students move into more senior levels the number of subjects they have to do becomes less and they have more choice of what subjects they study.