School Reports and Parent/Teacher Interviews


Reporting on progress and feed forward for students is done online via the Parent Portal.

Click here to go to the Portal

Once in the portal you will find comments for students under the Current Years Results heading on the left hand side. Once you have clicked on this you will then need to click on each individual course/subject to view the assessment grades and term comments for that particular course/subject.

At the end of Term 3 a report giving progress and feed forward for the student will be made available via the portal but will be in PDF format if people want to print this out. This will be found in the Reports section on the portal.   

 JCEA (Year 9 and 10 Students)

JCEA reports will be put on the portal at the end of each term showing the students grades from individual courses/subjects and the total for the term. These will be found under the Reports heading. Comments for each individual course/subject can be seen under the Current Years Results heading.  The JCEA report will be in PDF format so it can be printed out if need be. 

Parent / Teacher Interviews

These take place twice a year to allow parents/caregivers and students the chance to talk with teachers about how students are doing and what they need to do in order to be successful. Booking for this is done online and information about this will be posted below prior to the booking system going live.