Academic Achievement

In 2020: 

74% of our participating Year 11 students achieved NCEA Level 1 with 87% attaining Level 1 Literacy and 84% attaining Level 1 Numeracy

74% of our participating Year 12 students achieved NCEA Level 2.

67% of our participating Year 13 students achieved NCEA Level 3.

The following New Zealand qualifications are available for International Students.

  • National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA)
  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery), Level 3
  • University Entrance

International students can also gain TOEFL and IELTS tuition and assessment through the school.


  • NCEA is awarded at 3 levels by earning credits from a wide range of subjects:
    • Level 1 (normally gained in Year 11)-80 Level 1 credits
    • Level 2 (normally gained in Year 12)-60 level 2 credits + 20 Level 1 or Level 2 credits (20 credits can be gained in a previous year.)
    • Level 3 (normally gained in Year 13)-60 level 3 credits + 20 Level 2 or Level 3 credits (20 credits can be gained in a previous year.)
    • Each Level can be endorsed with Merit or Excellence.
  • It is common for students to do multi level courses i.e. a student in a senior year could be studying NCEA subjects at Level 1, 2 or 3.
  • NCEA is gained by achieving passes in standard assessments.
  • These assessments can be internal - set by the school or external - students sit an exam.
  • Standard assessments are given the following grades: Not Achieved or Achieved or Achieved with Merit or Achieved with Excellence.
  • Each standard passed or achieved contributes credits towards the certificate as shown above.
  • Each subject will contribute about 20 credits to the overall total required.
  • A subject can also be endorsed with Merit or Excellence.
  • Merit and Excellence endorsements are gained by passing enough standards with Merit or Excellence grades.
  • University Entrance is gained by getting NCEA Level 3. At least 42 credits need to be from traditional academic subjects. There is a literacy and numeracy requirement.

Further Information for International Students

  • Heretaunga College offers a variety of contextualized subject choices that allow students to continue onto any number of post-secondary education opportunities. These include University, Polytechnic, apprenticeships and more. The students Kaiarahi teacher will work with both the student and Whanau to ensure the student takes a suitable programme to reach their desired goals.
  • We have free after school tuition to help students make good progress.
  • Our school have a broad curriculum offering a diverse range of subjects.
  • Our school curriculum teaches students with a diverse range of academic abilities.
  • Students can join at any time of the year and gain NCEA credits.
  • Credits can be carried forward to the new year. A student who joins in August can get NCEA credits that will contribute to a certificate completed early the following year.
  • Many options are available for tertiary study.