Our PRIDE Values and School Vision

Our PRIDE Values

In 2012 we became a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. This meant as a school we came up with a set of values that would shape how we behaved in the classroom, on campus and in our community. The PB4L Team revisited these values in 2020 to make sure they are still relevant to our school today. 

With staff and student voice we amended our last value from Excellence to Empathy.

Our PRIDE values are as follows

Participation - Whai wāhitanga

Respect - Manaakitanga

Integrity - Ngākau Pono

Determination - Te Hiringa

Empathy - Aroha

Our School Vision

Life-long Learning through Connectedness      

Our strategic vision holds fast to our commitment to providing a community of learning and connectedness for our ākonga.  While at Heretaunga College, our ākonga will experience learning opportunities that cater to their academic, social and emotional, physical health and academic wellbeing.

Our Mission

Through our commitment to whakawhanaungatanga, we provide a supportive, innovative and inclusive environment for our ākonga to grow resilience, self-determination, and cultural connectedness.   Our curriculum ignites passion and fosters academic success, and prepares personalised pathways for all. Ensuring holistic wellbeing (hauora) is foundational to growing our ākonga.

Our Whakatauki

He Manu e kai ana i te miro, nona te Ngahere.

He Manu e kai ana i te matauranga, nona te Ao.

The bird that eats the miro berry has the forest; the bird that eats of knowledge has the whole world.

Strategic Priorities

Our Why

  • To prepare Upper Hutt youth for life as engaged, informed and educated citizens.
  • To create connections and build meaningful relationships.
  • Create a place in which it is safe for akonga to express themselves, think critically and to broaden their horizons.
  • To make learning inspirational, enjoyable and enriching thus fostering life-long learning.
  • To encourage our akonga to have confidence, to explore boundaries and to find their passion.