About Heretaunga College

Principal's Message

Heretaunga College focuses on the individual worth of each person and we make efforts to keep the environment caring and student-centred. We appreciate that each student has different strengths, and to engage each student we need a variety of interesting strategies and activities. This approach keeps our programmes intellectually challenging for all students, including our top students, who regularly excel in external exams and academic competitions.

Student achievement is not confined to the classroom. We have a rich record of sporting successes and our cultural groups regularly collect awards for their performances. We encourage students to get involved in the wider life of the school and to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the school provides to try new things. We have an exciting Education Outside the Classroom Programme and, in addition, groups of students frequently travel overseas to broaden their educational or sporting interests.

I am proud of our school and of what we have achieved to ensure that we provide the best education possible.

A number of educational initiatives have arisen from our desire to continually improve what we do. Some examples are:

  • our Junior Curriculum Review
  • our Junior Reporting Initiative
  • our development of student leadership
  • our use of restorative practices
  • our academic mentoring for Senior students

Successful change requires effective leadership and great team work. The success of our initiatives means that at Heretaunga College we have both.