Goals and responsibilities

Of Students:

  • To cultivate an interest in learning and personal character development, in academic progress and the pursuit of excellence.
  • To be on time to school and class, prepared with the correct materials.
  • To attend all classes on the timetable.
  • To respect others and their learning opportunities.
  • To complete work to the best of his or her ability.
  • To graduate from Junior School to Senior School with a Certificate of Achievement.
  • To be a successful learner and to feel pride in whatever is achieved.
  • Not to intimidate or bully other students or publicly express personal prejudices.
  • To abide by the school's no drugs, alcohol or smoking policy, both on site and while in uniform.
  • To be prepared to accept the consequences of infringing school rules.

Of parents/caregivers:

  • To create a learning environment at home.
  • To check the homework diary regularly.
  • To encourage and supervise homework.
  • To be supportive of your child's learning and social development.
  • To take an active interest in the school, through attending events, open evenings and parent/teacher meetings designed to build friendly interest between yourself and the school, and to give you feedback on your child.
  • To contact the school if your child is absent.

Of the College:

  • To provide a safe learning environment.
  • To provide qualified teachers.
  • To meet the National Curriculum requirements.
  • To assess the student's needs and provide for them.
  • To monitor the student's progress, measure his/her success, and keep parents/caregivers informed.
  • To extend the student's learning.